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We are a company based in Mexico since 1968. We have 55 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing aluminum products.

We take pride in delivery quality extrusion products to our customers and key markets.  

Our key market segments are Building & Construction, Commercial Transportation, Automotive, and Industrial.

We are experts in manufacturing value-added aluminum profiles, including processes such as machining, punching, threading, and more.

Our finishing processes include anodizing, powder coating and more


Value-added aluminum profiles

We are experts in manufacturing value-added aluminum profiles, achieved by paying attention to every detail in aspects such as machining, punching, threading, and more.

From extrusion to finishing, including anodizing, we achieve an excellent process, confirmed by the testimonials of those who have trusted us.


For us, the aluminum process does not end with a finished piece, we go further and crown the aluminum profiles with different lacquers.


With the anodizing process it is possible to provide aluminum with high protection against corrosion and wear, as well as to increase its resistance.


Every aluminum profile that leaves Valsa is a great opportunity to incorporate an element of added value to our customers' projects.


This is the place where the processes that are essential to deliver a guaranteed quality product to our customers are developed.


It is at this point that the magic of aluminum comes to life, because thanks to the high temperatures, the desired profile can be obtained.

Choose VALSA for your project!

We give you 4 reasons:

1. Quality

We have multiple certifications, ensuring that every product you acquire is guaranteed:

Certifies the effectiveness and quality management of each process we carry out.

Recognizes the quality of the anodizing process according to European standards.

Recognizes the quality levels required for powder-coated aluminum finishes.

Certifies us as a company with a quality management system that drives continuous improvement, defect prevention, and waste reduction in the supply chain.

2. High Standard

We combine trained and highly skilled team members with the best technology and equipment to deliver products that meet and exceed specifications and quality requirements.

3. Commitment

We continue to invest to add resources and capabilities to become the best in our industry. We are also committed to our partnerships, and we work diligently to help our customers achieve their goals.


In addition to being 100% committed to the quality of our products, we are also committed to the planet, our community and society. Therefore, we seek ways to incorporate environmentally friendly practices to minimize any negative environmental impact.