Metalmecánica: usos del aluminio en la industria

Thanks to the malleability and hardness of aluminum, as well as the interest of our experts in exploring and innovating in the industry of this material, Valsa offers multiple profiles designed for heavy-duty applications.

  • Through our extrusion process, we create customized aluminum profiles with precise tolerances.
  • These profiles have a good balance between strength and weight, making them ideal for applications that require movement, loading, and unloading of materials.
  • Furthermore, aluminum is an excellent thermal conductor and has high corrosion resistance, making it suitable for applications involving liquid handling.


Metalworking: Uses of Aluminum in the Industry

Valsa manufactures profiles designed for industrial & heavy-duty applications.

We offer: 

  • Precise tolerances.
  • Specific mechanical properties.
  • High corrosion resistance.

Applications of our aluminum profiles


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